hello to you at the Egyptian Society of experts of Science and Technology official website

Founded Expert Group since 1980 as one of the largest and oldest of the Egyptian workforce and associations specialized in the fields of agriculture, industry, and is our experience in this field more than thirty years.

Operations with optimal staffing resources development on an ongoing basis according to international best practices as a source of strength and success in customer satisfaction Btnoahm.

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Group in agricultural areas of business and management working in this field since 1980 and we have a long history and a reputation beyond repute thanks to our valued customers

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We are a group of specialized our work now in the Start project in Egypt where he will witness us .. everyone, thanks to God the good reputation and punctuality project.
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Science and Technology Experts Association

The Egyptian Association for experts of Science and Technology began its work for nearly thirty-five years and was initially in the work of agriculture and private industry and then moved its business to Saudi Arabia in Jeddah and Mecca, where farming final and Industry and then after a period from the beginning it was integrated business and we have many projects scattered oases .
Science and Technology Experts Association of the long experience and good taste, where we have implemented to foreign experts, including projects architect Frank Audreyto Italian nationality and engineer Philippine Kiprina and we got the best contractors in the UK and we are competing with a large group of companies and we were better, thanks to God and then had to work in the construction of some administrative Towers and residential and work in the city of new Cairo fifth Avenue and the city of sunrise and thank God we were one of the best companies marked by the advancement of the reconstruction of the new city of Cairo and the city of Sunrise and projects that are spread in all regions of the city’s neighborhoods, which is characterized by the magnificence of design and precision performance and execution and delivery on the agreed date. The company performs all the execution and finishing, marketing and managing projects for us and the work is not what you need to visit us and governance Baadazayarh.


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